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Bobby Keys


  • December 02, 2014
    Bobby Keys



    "Another good bye to another good friend"

    I will miss you, Bobby.



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on December 02, 2014



"Another good bye to another good friend"

I will miss you, Bobby.

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bulasym's picture

Booby keys the powerful man in the music and he loved to singing and dancing as well with best finger commands of the piano instrument of the music. Where everyone will miss him then on website a little pray for him I have offered to the peace of his next stage of the life.

MARCELO's picture

Un Grande de la música por eso integro la familia de los Stones y estuvo siempre a tu lado en los buenos tiempos y en los malos tiempos. Se va a extrañar!!! GRACIAS BOBBY!!!!

CAT's picture

Good times, bad times... I know you're sad like all the people who knew Bobby. I only knew his talented music. Listening to the Stones everyday means of course listening to Bobby. I think to his family and to the Stones family. I'm glad I saw him last summer in concert... CAT from France

Tollim's picture

RIP Bobby, we’ll miss your solos and your smile. Best gig in the sky. Keith our sincere condolences for the loss of your friend.
From France

Steini's picture

O man the ring still gets tighter. My condolences to you Keith and all the others that new Bobby and those who loved his playing. Im thinking of when he played the sax solo on Miss You in Madrid last June. It was the best that I have heard him.
Thanks, Steini

puckhead's picture

its a very sad day in music another beautiful angel that has left us for the big gig in the sky rip bobby!!!

mickelj55's picture

Goodbye Bobby, go riding down the moonlight mile, such beautiful sounds you gave us. RIP from Australia

howling paul's picture

I had the great pleasure of seeing Bobby and The Suffering Bastards play in Adelaide and Sydney in March 2014 and was struck by Bobby's incredible musicianship, humility and sense of humour! After the basement Show in Sydney I asked Bobby how he worked out his legendary sax lead break on Brown Sugar and he said: "It just came to me and I'm sure glad that it did! It's been mighty fortuitous." What an incredible talent and all round good guy! He lives on with the Stones music forever. Howling Paul

Connection's picture

Good bye Bobby. Peace and Respect.

Thom's picture

I can't believe we won't see him perform ever again. Yet another unique addition to the Rolling Stones Family.

f.geerling's picture

Bobby thank you for your incredible contribution to music, especially to the music of the Stones the greatest Rock and Roll band of the world also because of Bobby's contributions! Keith my sincere condolences for the lost of your soul mate ... Cheers frank

angelo demetriou's picture

He has gone to play for the Big Man..Our loss his gain.

D. Rehn's picture

R.I.P. Bobby - thanks for all the turn-ons. For as long as records spin you will remain alive and kickin'.

David Rehn
Little Falls, NJ