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Kelley Rowlett

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United States
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Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour ~ Orlando June 2015
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I love #Crosseyed Heart! Have it on repeat and it keeps getting better. I've had people ask who it is. Love seeing their faces when they hear! You ought to put Keith's art on T-shirts. The heart is very cool and would make a great graphic, like the guitar picks.

On: Sep 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Keith! Time has been "Slipping Away," hasn't it? I've thought about what I hope I'd say to you if I ever had the chance. Thank you for the Music. It's the soundtrack for my life and so many others; it's a cushion, a pleasure and a heartbeat. "It Means a Lot!" Thank you for the Stones, and your work ethic to keep it going. Thanks for your courage to step out, so we have all your Winos and solo gifts. You've made me "Happy!" I also want thank you for sharing your love of reading and your support of libraries. You never know who you may touch with that message. "Life" may do that single-handedly!
Best Wishes to Patti and You on your anniversary. Enjoy each other! And, Happy Christmas, too. "Rockawhile," for a lot longer, Luv!

On: Dec 13, 2013