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@krocklove hey Keith! I didn't care4 for amazonthinkers post, everyone that loves Keith, loves to watch him wail on one of his 300 or more guitars, knows how much Mr Richards is completely under influence of music he plays. He is able to fit in with so many artists and types of music...that is the gift he brings to his fans. I hope soon, I will be able to see,hear,an feel his music.Since 1988, Have been chasing this guy, I grew uP with the idea that KEITH=MUSIC=LIFE. Someday my wish will come true. I will have chat w/Keith, not about drugs...but about life and family, and music. The Netflix Special was real cool. Honest, and kind of funny, but mostly down to earth, and almost everything I wanted to know about Keith, the musicians he's played with over the years, and most of all how he has found the importance of family, his love of music, and learning to laugh at himself...come to think of it, he laughs alot! Could be the "cigarette" he has with his morning coffee! Ha, there are dome things I will never give up either, Keefe!:-)

On: Oct 06, 2015