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I'm sorry to have said something mean about Eric Clapton. He keeps trying and does well on his own. Ron Wood is just so much better to hear with The Rolling Stones! Thank God and you for continuing! Take it easy as you can. Stay out of politics and it's damn near a wonderful world, eh?

On: Feb 18, 2017

Your work is so much appreciated! When will you come to Alaska? We came to Seattle to see you. ;)
Best Always and anyway, Scott G.

On: Feb 18, 2017

It's so great that the RS didn't pick Eric Clapton as the "new" guitarist in the 1970s! You all and us would have been noodled to death. Haha!!

On: Feb 18, 2017

Happy Birthday and many, many more! We can't make it without you!
RScott & Family

On: Dec 18, 2013