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Hi Keith,
thank you for consider my question, i much appreciate the "answer" and was actually expecting what you gladly said.
Apart from carrying the greatest name of your solo records it seems from the five songs i´ve heard that Crosseyed Heart will also be the best, so far.

On: Sep 12, 2015

Hi Keith, wow! i was listening to "Trouble" and it sent shivers down my spine. Had to play again and again because it´s addictively good. It´s great song and playing and singing but first and foremost it got "That Feel". Just awesome. Thanks and blessings Keith,

On: Jul 16, 2015

Mr. Richards - Happy Birthday!

I think you have a big heart, for Family, Friends, Audience, and last but not least for Music. I´m grateful for what you have shared with the world.
Thank you Keith,
from Iceland, Steini

Replied To: HAPPY Birthday Keith! (Blog)
On: Dec 18, 2014

O man the ring still gets tighter. My condolences to you Keith and all the others that new Bobby and those who loved his playing. Im thinking of when he played the sax solo on Miss You in Madrid last June. It was the best that I have heard him.
Thanks, Steini

Replied To: Bobby Keys (Blog)
On: Dec 03, 2014