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T. Byrd

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Hi Keith,
Can I leave a comment later? I'm at a loss for words at the moment. That's unusual for me. I was going to say I'm your number one fan, but I don't want to sound like that lunatic character Bates played in the movie "Misery".[laugh track]
Is this thing on?[Foghorn Leghorn Voice]-> I say, that's supposed to be a joke.

T. Byrd (@RoxxHoffner on twitter)

Yes! I want to discover more artists like KeithRichards: 

My Comments

How cool! If I ever get the honor to jam with you I don't think I'll be able to keep from smiling the whole time.

On: Jul 07, 2017

Damn! That album was mainly Steve and yourself! My mind is blown again. Be back later. Speechless..

On: Nov 05, 2016

Speaking of, "It could be written in the John.", I recently(2 weeks ago?) came up with something when I brought my guitar in an outhouse while housesitting fora friend.. Titled "Outhouse". Just to prove your point. Nevermind. True story though!

On: Aug 28, 2016