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  • December 18, 2013



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on December 18, 2013

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Happy Birthday KEEEEF!! You are an extraordinary sprit, connected to extraordinary people, in an extraordinary band. Your words, music and character have & do, affect my life PROFOUNDLY!!I am so grateful to have been able to experience you, the Stones and everything that comes with that. Thank the stars you were born today, as you have graced so many lives...some you know...and some you will never meet. Thank you for sharing your " MIND - BODY - SOUL " !!! YOU GOT TO FEEL IT TO KNOW IT BABY..............U WILL NEVER FADE AWAY! I love you....
Lisa M. Huegel I hear rumblings of a Vegas date????!!!!

Steve61's picture

Dear Keith, My birthday wishes come to you like a 1972 Stones concert. A little late, but filled with love and good energy once it gets there.
Catch a fire,


Swengen's picture

A belated happy birthday Keith. Love you man. You are a consummate performer and the best damn guitarist out there. My wife, kids and I have seen 5 of the Stones tours and they are some of the best memories we have. Keep on rockin'. Congrats on your wedding anniversary as well. My wife and I have you beat with 46! We are the lucky ones.

All the best,
Wayne Halford

BrendaL's picture

I loved the sound of your guitar when I was 13 and you were 19, before I even knew that was you playing. Thanks for all the joy and all the music you've given us over the years, and may there be plenty more of both to come.

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you and Patti.


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Dear Keith,

I'm wishing you the happiest of birthdays and the happiest of anniversaries! I hope you had a great time. You bring such joy to me. Thanks for everything.

Main Offender

AGH's picture

Happy Birthday Keef. Keep up the good work. (Sorry its late)
Anychance of an acoustic blues album ?
Thank You


Flagwanker's picture

Feliz Cumpleanos Keef. The Stones have always been the best group in the world and you have always been the King of the Riff. Keep on Rocking and playing the blues.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER. From acting to've kept us rocking and entertained. The Stones tunes have been part of the soundtrack of my life and for that, I am grateful. Seventy years down, another seventy to go.
So, from an Anon in Texas, to You, wherever you are... Much Luv and Respect Bro. Good on Ya Mate. Keep Rockin' and Rollin' ~Anon99

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KEITH! People LOVE you man! Because you keep it real, keep it raunchy, and keep it coming. Happy birthday and anniversary. I feel like you are an old friend after all these years, and so I'm takin' a toke in your honor tonight. Here's to you Keith! All love and light ~ Shane

DougDDoug1964's picture

Happy Birthday, Keith! Keep on rolling!

From a life-long fan in Kingston, Canada.

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Happy # 70, Keith. Here's hoping it is a great day for you, and there are many more to come.

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To Mr.KEITH RICHARDS happy birthday sir may you have many more to come Toronto canada loves you ,Mick and the boys .

lhuegel's picture

words can't express my gratitude
keef richards
wherever you are
cuz u sang
u got 2 feelit 2 noit baby
i hitched a ride
on your star
u got 2 feelit 2 noit baby
no matter what you are..............
body mind and soul>>
"words, bearnado, words..
words are only symbols;
symbols are not what i feel"....Happy Birthday to the
KEEF MOTHER F***N RICHARDS *********************************

Chicago Me's picture

Happy Birthday Keith!!!!! Keep on Rockin'. And a Happy 30th Anniversary to you and the lovely Patti.

Renee's picture

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary. Thanks for sharing your great talent with us all.

Lisetta's picture

Happy birthday I'm so glad yr still rockin.... I loved yr music 35yrs ago and still luv it today. THANKS!!!! Lisetta

sbrown1038's picture

Happy birthday, Keith! I was going through some vinyl records today and came across a copy of 'Got Live If You Want It'. I'm gonna go play it in your honor. Keep rockin'!!! I hope to see you guys here in New York again.

StevyZong's picture

Happy Birthday Kieth Thank You for all of the wonderful songs you and The Stones gave us over the years! You wouldn't know how much they helped me over the course of my life. Long live The Stones, StevyZong

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Happy Birthday Keith Richards, Happy Anniversary too!!! Thanks for keeping us ROCKING all these years. Can't wait to see/hear what's next on your agenda!! XOXO ♥ ♥ ♥

bnjmn's picture

Happy Birthday Mr. Richards, God Bless yr Blues Lving Soul , thx for all !

jose maria salomon's picture

feliz cumpleaños keith richards, MEXICO

opeluna's picture

Happy Birthday Keith, you are my favorite stone, can't wait to see u hopefuly in Colombia. Love u since I was a little girl. Keep making it great!!

hatbush's picture

Happy B Day and thanks for all the joy from your music and your life. Love ya bro. Can't wait to see the Sydney concert!!!

Jorgen Holmenlund's picture

Happy Birthday Keith.
Thank you for all the joy and fun. Keep on rocking

the bard's picture

Happy birthday. Happy Anniversary. Thank you .............

ohnonotyou again's picture

HAPPY 70th Birthday Getting a Little T & A tonight. Congrats to you and Patti on 30th anniversary. I hope to see you soon back in the states.

Gilles from Paris's picture

Happy birthday Keith!
J'ai aimé le rock'n roll grâce à toi.

With best wishes,
Gilles from Paris

Joerg Krause's picture

just saw in my local paper, you turned 70.
42 of these years you are part of my personal family, like it or not. But let me tell you: I didn´t cared about Lday Di´s bad end, but when you fell from the palm tree, that was a real shocking moment, when i read about.
Awaiting to read about your shark fight next year!
Stay on the scene! ... and of cause BEST WISHES FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY !
Hey, next time you hear from me in 30 years. You know, rock´n roll is different than writing silly birthday wishes.

Gipsygirl's picture

Happy birthday dear Keith, I wish you all the best, keep on rocking. And please come to Switzerland once again for a concert!

The very best wishes from

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Happy Birthday and Anniversary Keith!!!