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HAPPY Birthday Keith!


  • December 18, 2014
    HAPPY Birthday Keith!

    Wish Keith a HAPPY birthday with this clip from the 14 on Fire shows Down Under. Cheers to Dartford's Finest!



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on December 18, 2014

Wish Keith a HAPPY birthday with this clip from the 14 on Fire shows Down Under. Cheers to Dartford's Finest!

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Lennart Hägg's picture

grattis på födelsedagen. Down on my knees in gratitude

nursetom61's picture

Happy B-Day to a fellow Sag, my B-Day is also Dec. 18. Maybe that's why I decided to play guitar. Sharing a B-Day with the Great One. Hope to see you one day in person.

brian.roodenrys's picture

Happy belated birthday and many happy returns. Keep on rocking
merry Christmas to you and your family

Chris Riley's picture

Happy bday and merry Christmas

Martins's picture

Happy birthday and merry christmas to you Keith and thanks for the music
that you play which makes people to feel happy !!!

Miguel's picture

Felicidades Keith, por tu cumpleaños, también nos sentimos tristes por que no esta aquí Bobby,.
Un afectuoso abrazo y que tengas un buen Fin de Año.
Paz y Amor
Hasta luego Miguel.

Tim's picture

Happy Birthday Keith!

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Dear Mr. Richards: A very Happy BELATED Birthday to you. I tried to log on here yesterday and I couldn't remember my bloody password! In any case, I hope it was grand; that you had good times with Patti and family. Mine's today and I'm going to go home from work and continue reading "Every Night's a Saturday Night" by your good friend and co-conspirator Bobby Keys. He is sorely missed; I wish I'd known him. Best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

StoneFin's picture

happy day after your birthday.was feelin you & bobby all day yesterday.any time I have to think in life,it's always WWKD.thanks for all your help.happy anniversary to you & patti,from me & my patti.hope we all have many more.

Mado's picture

Happy Birthday, Keith!! It was great to seeing you again in Tokyo early this year. I believe Mick's last word, "mata aou, Tokyo" (see you again, Tokyo). Till then, xxx Love you.

berlin's picture

Dear Keith or Mr. Happy! All my best wishes for you from my heart. Thanks a lot for your great Stones-Concert in Berlin and keep on rocking. Im exciting for your new record next year. You are somebody to love. God bless you!

stahwessjes's picture

Hallo Keith,

Zum Geburtstag alles Gute, Glück, Gesundheit und viel Erfolg wünscht dir!
Jürgen aus Deutschland

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Connection's picture

Best wishes, Keith. Happy Birthday to a truly humanistic rock legend and former Boy Scout.

Magnus's picture

Happy Birthday Keith, from Ryder & Mark from Mpls. You are always an inspiration!!!

Seagull's picture

Happy Birthday Keith!!! And also a Happy Anniversary to you also. Waiting for you to come back to Boston. One love xoxo

Steini's picture

Mr. Richards - Happy Birthday!

I think you have a big heart, for Family, Friends, Audience, and last but not least for Music. I´m grateful for what you have shared with the world.
Thank you Keith,
from Iceland, Steini

spikenyc's picture

Happy Birthday Keef!
Thanks for all the years of making us all happy with your music. And many more.
It must be bittersweet for you this year since you and Bobby K. shared the same b-day.
He is in all our thoughts.
Keep Rocking Keef!
Peace & Love :)

Bunny's picture

Happy Birthday Keith and Happy Anniversary. Many, many more. Love you!

fer's picture

Keep rollin' Keep rockin' ! Can't wait to hear your new album.

D. Rehn's picture

Blow out the candles - cut the cake - down the drink - celebrate. Happy birthday, KR. Keep rollin'. Good health and good fortune to you and yours.

Jolly Rosy's picture

Très heureux anniversaire à mon stones préféré.Encore beaucoup d'années de pur bonheur à te suivre et t'écouter Keith.Bisessssss

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Many Happy Returns mate's picture

Happy happy birthday Keef. Merci pour tout ce que tu représentes vieux pirate. We love you !

nursedude's picture

Happy Birthday....and Anniversary Keith! All the best!Hope to see back in Toronto again, you know Canada loves you. Two bars of Malaguena and you're in!:)

murphu's picture

Happy birthday Keith! keep on Rocking! We'll be on the lookout for your next states tour-The Girl friends from Boston!

scorpiox3's picture

Dear Keith, you took to my tender years at age 5...Beatles took the backseat* Thank God the parents listened to great music! I rewarded my Mom by taking her to your show (Aragan BRAWLroom Chicago decades later:) General Admission $25.00 wow! Thank you for ALL you do man! Your songwriting, playing,style,humour,longevity & endurance is what inspires many of us to remain HAPPY! Love ya ! Happy Birthday Mr. Richards! Long live rock, long live KEEF !