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East Rutherford, NJ - Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos 1988

This section is a living document of dates that Keith has played over the years. We encourage you to contribute by sharing set lists, photos or comments. Click on a year to see the list of dates played.

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East Rutherford , NJ
Brendan Byrne Arena

1. Take It So Hard

2. How I Wish

3. I Could Have Stood You Up

4. Crazy Mixed Up World

5. Before They Make Me Run

6. Too Rude

7. I Wanna Be Your Man

8. You Don't Move Me

9. Make No Mistake

10. Time Is On My Side

11. Big Enough

12. Whip It Up

13. Locked Away

14. Little T&A

15. Struggle

16. Happy

17. Connection

18. Rockawhile

19. Run Rudolph Run

20. It Means Alot

1988-12-17 17:30
December 17, 1988
East Rutherford
Brendan Byrne Arena


firedup's picture

We went to this show, on Keith's birthday, after seeing the show at the Beacon in NYC. I recall when Keith said, "we are photographing all of you" and something like "We know who all of you are, there is no escape" as a red beam encircled the arena. Of course it was not as intimate as the Beacon show a few weeks earlier, but we were of course amazed. Especially, because musically Keith stayed within Stones genre while fusing rock, blues, country and soul together for a unique sound that was different from the Stones. Artistically great. Sounded great.

krocklove's picture

Didn't get to see you in 1988, the year my she was broken. I live in NYC, actually the Bronx.So the only thing I can pass along is everyone who saw you,said it was fantastic... actually, they said fanf***ingtastic!! All I know is it was not a good year for me. Them, SNL tickets sold out, and that was the shit topping. When I went to Rockefeller Ctr, I met a guy from SNL, and he showed me your dressing room, but you weren't there. He said he would take he would take me to the rehearsal during day,Saturday. So he says SNL woulda put me up in hotel,so I would be right there. Little did I know,he had other plans. When,I told him it was time to leave. Surprise!!!!! Guess who didn't see any rehearsal of any kind! On well,there's one thing, two things in this life that will never happen, no soul selling or body selling!Even as much as it would of meant to me. LU KEEF! Always and forever!✴:-( kelly medina

Rita Eliason's picture

How I wish is my favorite Love <3