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Oshawa, ON - The New Barbarians U.S Tour 1979

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Oshawa , ON
Civic Auditorium
1979-04-22 16:30
April 22, 1979
Civic Auditorium


bhajimaker's picture

i was 17 and for 5 years I'd lived and breathed the Stones. I learned to play guitar using "England's Newest Hitmakers" as my basic course. Guitar has been my sole livelihood since then.
When Keith got busted in Toronto I cried. I was so worried that my country might play a leading role in dismantling something that brings joy to so many. I jumped up and down when I heard the 'creative' sentence and set about planning how to get tickets. In the end my buddy camped out for 3 days at the corner of Yonge and Bloor (downtown Toronto). He was #36 in line. I stood in line for 18 hrs and was #500. I was buying tickets for my brother and Gord S. (bass player in the Hip). I made the CBC news that night as I was 1st in line when they announced that they were sold out. I turned into the camera and screamed FUUUCK!!! My parents were so proud. In the end, we were able to get Gordie and my bro tickets as my grandfather was one of the founders of the CNIB, the beneficiaries of the concert.
The show was awesome. I was such a huge fan of Ronnie's solo work...'Gimme Some Neck' was the great new one but we really loved 'Got My Own Album' and especially 'Now Look'. Our high school band, The Rodents played "Am I Grooving You", "Buried Alive" and "Seven Days" and a dozen Stones tunes, so to hear your idols play them in such an intimate arena (3,000) was beyond thrilling. We were front row of the stands at the near blueline. Fantastic! Stanley Clarke's bass solo vibrated the house so hard I thought I might shit my pants. These guys were so loose and funky - mind blown. My highlight was "Breathe On Me" - such a beautiful, emotional song. There was no break between bands. Suddenly out of nowhere Mick was onstage alone with Keith performing Prodigal Son - the perfect song for the occasion. After that the Stones were there. That was the 2nd of 20 Stones shows I've seen - that night they were rough, ragged and, of course, AWESOME. It was my only Barbarians show and, like the Wino's, *****

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