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Send Keith Your Birthday & Anniversary Greetings!


  • December 10, 2013
    Send Keith Your Birthday & Anniversary Greetings!

    December 18 marks two important milestones in Keith’s life – his 70th birthday and the 30th anniversary of his wedding to wife Patti.

    Please click on the “comments” button below and leave Keith your well wishes. We are going to gather up your comments and present them to Keith as a gift from you, his fans.

    Enjoy the holiday season and we look forward to your comments!

    - The Staff of



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poleypole's picture
on December 10, 2013

December 18 marks two important milestones in Keith’s life – his 70th birthday and the 30th anniversary of his wedding to wife Patti.

Please click on the “comments” button below and leave Keith your well wishes. We are going to gather up your comments and present them to Keith as a gift from you, his fans.

Enjoy the holiday season and we look forward to your comments!

- The Staff of

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dan mcafree's picture

A very late, very Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you and Patti. I met you both at the bar at the James Brown concert at the Apollo in 1987. You were both lovely. Later that night James pulled my girlfriend and I on-stage to dance during his show.

That should test your total recall memory a bit.

Anyway, all the best and some more Stones shows please. You guys never sounded better.

Jim L's picture

Happy 70th. Happy 30th! A bit late, but I toasted you and Patti at the local pub with friends and broke the crust on a Shepard's Pie in your honor. Keep rolling! All the best,
Jim L in Chicago

tornanti's picture

Servus! Happy birthday to you! I'll have a drink on you (tomorrow).

buccs1200's picture

Merry Christmas Keith & Patti!

mikal's picture

Keith, congrats on both your birthday and anniversary. But most of all thanks for the music. Once a Soul Rebel always a Soul Rebel. Cheers, hope you make it to Melbourne.
Mikal Waters.

Steve61's picture

Dear Keith, My birthday wishes come to you like a 1972 Stones concert. A little late, but filled with love and good energy once it gets there. Catch a fire, Steve

winni's picture

Thanx Keith ,for many decades of rock and roll that pushed me throu hard and sad times.You and your music gave me the power to go on (---> YOU GOT ME THE SILVER ) and the gold!

alinette's picture

Dear Keith, I'm a bit late but I wish you a very sweet birthday. Hope I'll be able to see you live once very soon. Keep rocking! Cheers. Aline

nursetom61's picture

Sorry I am late with my Happy B-Day wish, but Happy Birthday and many,many more! BTW we share the same B-Day this year I am 52 but still feel 22

FTBJAX's picture

Happy Birthday and Anniversary Keith!! Wishing you another 70 years of love, music, happiness, and peace. Much Love to you, Francesca

tonymuff54's picture

Happy belated birthday and anniversary wishes! We had a great time with Bobby Keys this past Wedsnesday at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ. He played his ass off!

buccs1200's picture

Happy Birthday KR & Happy Anniversary Keith / Patti!
(just got this account thing going)

darlenejt's picture

Keith-All my best wishes to you and Patti. Thanks for being so great! Your music always makes me happy. Going to see you play is the truly the best. Take care and rock on! My thoughts are with you! From the frozen tundra-Minnesota!

LarryStonesFan's picture

Happy Hirthday Keef! & Happy 30th Anniversary. I've had the fortunate opportunity to see the Stones 5 times, with taking my Mum to one in 1981. Keep Rockin!

martin's picture

Dear Keith Richards
Happy Birthday! Thanks for all your fantastic music and the wonderfull energie in it!
You wrote and will wright in the future the sound track of my life for many very importent moments. The way you play inspires my own way the play very much, once again tank you!
Please go ahead with all that beautifull music.
I wish you and your family all the best.
You are as important for my generation of guitar player as Chuck Berry maybe was for your generation!
Thank you tousand times and wish all the best!!!
Martin from Switzerland

Chris Hall's picture

Happy Birthday Keith Richards! I love you.

Julien's picture

70 ballets,
Toujours aux aguets,
Tu nous auras tous,
Tu nous fous la frousse.

Je préfère
Que sur cette terre,
Quelque part,
Tu respires,
Que ton dernier soupir,
Reste cauchemar.

Moult décibels
Font de toi
L’inoxydable roi,
Du chic sensuel,
Du riff,
Que je kiffe !

Kiss, kiss,
Monsieur Keith,
Des milliards,
Pour toi, ta belle,
Tes guitares,
Tes fidèles.

Peter Daniels's picture

Happy Birthday !..Peter Daniels

punaperry's picture

Happy Birthday Keith, we jammed on Lets Spend the night together last night . Toasted to the hard workin people and wish you the Best The LPG'S of Puna , Hawaii

Rosesonfire15's picture

Happy Birthday Keith. I did play "Honky Tonk Woman" on my new guitar, Gibson Sg deluxe 2013 Lime burst color on your birthday. I learn that song more than 30 years ago and still play it with my rock n roll band, North*Starr located in Stark New Hampshire United States. I am originally from Montreal Quebec but I never had the chance to see you live, I was too poor. I hope to see you playing live one day. Have a great birthday, Katherine

Margaret Tudor's picture

Happy Birthday Keith! Much love! xo♥

DannyTonto's picture

Happy Birthday to a legend of rock and roll and an inspiration to the industry. You inspired me to pick up the guitar at a young age and I truly admire the way you go about your work. I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and a Happy Anniversary. Forever will I listen to the Stones and your music, it's something that's been a big part of my life. Happy Birthday.

SweetVirginia's picture

I've been in love with my fantasy Keef since I was a little girl who didn't know better. I'm a decade younger than you, and as a grown woman, now I know better but don't care! Would love to meet the real you someday, shake your hand (ok, give you a hug), and thank you for the years of music & memories. Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary to you and Patti, the woman who loves the true Keith. Hope you keep rocking and sharing music with us for many more years. Love, good health, and happiness to you.

AnaMaria's picture

Happy Birthday Mr Keith! Wish you keep rolling for longer time, in the band, in the music, retired to rest....whatever makes you Happy, as much as you made your fans all these years!
double congrats for the wedding celebration aswell, your wife shall be such a lucky woman :)

all the best! thanks for all!
with love, xx

LaLocaRock'n'Roll's picture

Happy 70th Birthday and 30th wedding anniversary! Keith, you've been my rock 'n' roll God since I was 14. As the years passed, I've come to appreciate what your virtuosity on the guitar. I saw a recording from 1969 of just you and Mick doing Prodigal Son and watched it over and over and over. You were clearly one with your guitar: the consummate musician. You've touched and changed my life in so many ways. To me, you are Rock and Roll (and more). I hope your birthday and 30th anniversary mark the beginning for you and Patti of years and years and years of love, joy, peace, great sex, music and grace. Keith, you are the silver and the gold! Keep on rocking and rolling for another 70 years!! Thank You for being you!

Dwayne Yancey's picture

When I was growing up, I wanted to be Mick Jagger. When I really did grow up, I realized I wanted to be Keith Richards. That change of viewpoints has been one of my life-changing experiences that has guided me throughout my career (both in the business world and in my sideline as a playwright). As a tribute, I named my son Keith. He's now a freshman in college and has the Stones on his playlist. Mostly, he's into rap but just the other day I was riding with him and "Infamy" came on, at full volume.

Tanja.Ador's picture

Happy Birthday Keith.., your music means so much to my life and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my soul. Was beautiful to see you in London(Hyde Park) this summer and I hoping that I will see you again???!?!?(this was my 5-th time to se you and Stones on stage and that is the best feling in the world...)Please..,will you return in Europe maybe ?? :)I am from Coatia but I will come anywere in Europe because I adore you... Happy birthday again and lots of kissss.....
Best wishes for the coming year and Happy Anniversary as well.

serenavelin's picture

Dear Keith,
If you actually read this, I wonder what I could possibly say that is original...and there isn't anything I'm sure you have not heard. But you have helped me get through so many bad days. Even bad years. I've had a particularly rough year this year, an annus horribillis of sorts. But on a bad day, I'll put on the Stones or the Expensive Winos and suddenly I begin to decompress and whatever seemed so bad suddenly is put into perspective. My favorite dream this year was with you....I dreamed that it was 1980 (I would have been 10 but I was an adult) and you were as you were in 1980 and I went with a group of people to Jamaica and rented a cheap bungalow from an old woman. It had a funky shower--very rickety, but suddenly you appeared in my shower! It was just so fabulous and we had such a great time together and then I woke up so happy! That you exist on this earth brings me unparalleled joy. I'm not one to write fan letters...but I have to tell you that you are the greatest (I become tongue tied--all I can think of is GREAT GREAT KEITH IS MY PERSONAL DEFINITION OF GREAT) even though I'm redundant and sound foolish. Thank you again for all that you have done, and all that you do. I hope the year ahead is filled with all of the platinum joys you have given to everyone for years. You shine! You always were a rainbow of life and you will endure long after the Rock of Gibraltar has sunk.

Pat Rice's picture

I forgot to mention, 30th Happy Anniversary to you and Patti!

Pat Rice's picture

Sorry I'm a day late, Keith, but Happy 70th Birthday! May you live to be 100! When the Stones came to America, I was the baby brother turning 6, with teenage sisters and had exposure to you, the Beatles, the Dave Clark 5, and the rest of the British Invasion bands. You were my favorite Stone at that time because I thought you were cool. Over the years, I've loved your guitar riffs, songwriting, and you're still the coolest! Only Bruce gives you competition (I'm a Jersey guy). To me with the Stones, you're a Mick guy or a Keith guy, and I am definitely a Keith guy. Happy Birthday and thank you for thousands of hours of listening pleasure.